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About Us

Elanza Media™ is a Digital Media Services company.

Elanza Media™ is focused directly on providing outdoor & indoor digital billboard services and reaching consumers of all demographics ranging from the techno-phobic to the techno-crazies, that understands and identifies with the value proposition and the ease and convenience of outdoor and/or indoor digital media services. The growth and development of this cost-effective technology combined with Elanza Media™ distribution strategy creates a unique opportunity to establish market leadership in the digital media space for the markets in which Elanza Media™ services are available.

Additionally Elanza Media™ plans to invite local franchises who wish to invest in this technology and launch digital billboard services in other areas within strategic markets and/or other countries. Elanza Media™ will support all such franchises with the technology, project management and set-up of digital billboard services.

Outdoor Digital Billboard services are often mentioned in technology literature as the coming attraction. The outdoor digital gateway acts as a communications portal between the Advertiser and the consumer, and the outside world. Those successful at utilizing this technology and penetrating the consumer mindset using Elanza Media™ digital billboard technology will establish a powerful new and ongoing relationship with consumers by gaining a unique foothold and presentation strategy in the consumer mind-set and the outside world in general.

Who we are

Elanza Media™ Headquarters is located in Chicago, IL USA. We currently have operations in USA, Canada, UAE, India, and Australia. We are expanding to new markets regularly and with our global delivery network and affiliated partners, we can provide services to any market worldwide.

Elanza Media™ USP's

Press Releases

March 2010
Elanza Media™ has signed a strategic partnership agreement with 3DWORX.
August 2009
Elanza Media™ announced the signing of a strategic business relationship with Kassab Media FZ-LLC , Dubai, UAE