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About Us

News & Press releases

March 2016

Elanza Media™ has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Shinzhu LED of Japan for the supply and manufacture of indoor and outdoor digital LED display technologies under the custom brand of Elanza Media™ across all Elanza Media™ product segments. As part of the deal, Shinzhu Japan will provide and support the technology and digital media solution requirements for Elanza Media™ and its customers worldwide. Tanvir Bukht, CEO stated that "This is a critical step in the right direction for our overall business strategy and for all Elanza Media™ branded products and service worldwide. Our partnership with a strong manufacturing partner like Shinzhu Japan will be beneficial for both our companies and a launch pad for next generation digital LED based digital media technologies".

Feb 2016

Elanza Media™ announced the launching of its "Trans-Glass" LED series for glass wall facades. The technology launched by Elanza Media™ provides a new competitive edge for the company's strategic business focus to manufacture next generation transparent and see through LED technologies. The new Trans-Glass LED series aims to provide an outdoor digital media solution for Glass Walled Buildings and aims to convert existing glass facades into a digital media facade with minimal structural requirements.

Commenting on the new product series, Elanza Media™ announced today that it has "successfully concluded a deal" with a major organization in the mid-west to begin installing the new Trans-Glass LED displays on its retail centers as per mutual understanding.

Dec 2015

Elanza Technologies Inc. announced the divestment of its digital media assets to its subsidiary Elanza Media™, LLC of Chicago, IL. While Elanza Technologies Inc., will continue to maintain a controlling stake and position in the new entity, Elanza Media™ has been officially launched as an independent entity and will focus purely on the digital media aspects of Elanza's business.

Tanvir Bukht, Founding Partner & CEO of the new business stated that Elanza Media™ is in the process of establishing strategic business relationships with key LED display manufacturers and OEM relationships that will focus on the development, implementation and installation of custom made solutions for all of Elanza Media™ customers. Mr. Bukht further stated that new advances in digital and LED technologies, have made this an opportune time to launch Elanza Media™, LLC.

Latest News

March 2010
Elanza Media™ has signed a strategic partnership agreement with 3DWORX.
August 2009
Elanza Media™ announced the signing of a strategic business relationship with Kassab Media FZ-LLC , Dubai, UAE