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Strategic Affiliations
Elanza Media™ works with leading LED display manufacturers and strategic partners to custom design and manufacture all its LED display requirements. Our solution provides for a complete turnkey implementation for both software and hardware controls involving all our LED display deployments. The Company's Vision is to provide an enhanced digital media solution and create a "wow" effect for both our customers as well as the consumers, using state-of-the-art Digital LED display technologies.

Elanza Media™ is a direct extension of Elanza's convergence solutions for the media industry, and thus provides outdoor and indoor digital billboard advertising services, and provides a direct interactive connection between the customers, advertisers and content partners, and the general consumer population, ensuring the delivery of content, commerce and outdoor digital media management services.
Daktronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems, and large screen video displays using light emitting diode (LED) technology.
ADTI Media
ADTI Media is the industry leading developer and manufacturer of proprietary mesh LED outdoor video displays.
Elanza Technologies Inc.
Elanza Technologies Inc. is a next generation "Internet Telecommunications" company, conceptualizing and providing innovative internet appliance solutions and creative content management solutions.

Partnership Enquiries

Interested in becoming an Elanza Media™ partner or franchise? Contact Us from anywhere in the world using our single window approach - info@elanzamedia.com


Elanza Media™ utilizes advanced outdoor digital media technology , specifically LED based digital billboards that offers an opportunity to present advertising content without many of the constraints imposed by conventional static billboards. For the general public and consumers, Elanza Media™ provides an opportunity to view digital media content outdoors which is eye-catching, dynamic, appealing, educating, refreshing and easily viewable from a distance. Some identifiable benefits of the digital billboard are as listed below :

  • Positioning of the digital billboard as the outdoor digital gateway and communications and control center providing digital media content
  • Presenting content without many of the constraints imposed by conventional static billboards, thereby preventing "billboard burnout" (seeing the same image again and again)
  • Bringing together Internet connectivity, informational and eye-catching content, client & consumer interaction, digital advertising and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Leverage the functional utility and consumer familiarity with billboards - but now on a digital level through a large screen LED display, which can be of any size and can be viewable from a distance
  • Content targeted to the consumer will be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), and changing at frequent intervals (typically every 6 secs)
  • Create an ongoing consumer base with recurring revenues for the advertiser