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Advertising on the Digital Billboard
Elanza Media™ gives advertisers a unique and highly targeted opportunity to advertise, sell products and services, and reinforce their presence with consumers in their market place. The digital billboard is ideal for advertisers because it not only presents advertisements on its LED screen, it has a zero "billboard burnout" due to its continuously revolving content, that enables capturing of the consumer mind-set. Some of the services that can be provided on the Elanza Media™ digital billboards are as follows:

  • Rotating advertisements
  • Digital creative content and messaging
  • Local and national news, sports, stocks, weather
  • Business and community services and information
  • Community bulletin board
  • Amber alert services

Further Elanza Media™ gives the option to advertisers to change their content at any given point on the EM digital billboard, thereby giving the option to change their messages to their target consumer or the target environment at any given time. In addition, advertisers can have multiple advertisements run on the same day on the same billboard, thus providing more value for your dollars and connecting to your consumers at a higher frequency than ever before.


The Elanza Media™ digital billboards are the most advanced and state-of-the-art digital billboard technology on the market, designed to provide a combination of speed, ease of use, durability and multiple functionality. Because it is broadband-enabled and supports multiple rotating content, its penetration into the consumer "mind-set" will be extremely high. With plans to launch digital billboards for any demographic market and of any shape or size, Elanza Media™ has the capability to maintain pace with advancements in technology.