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Innovative Digital Media

Digital Billboard

The Elanza Media™ Digital Billboard technology is an extremely high-tech outdoor digital media...

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MUPI Displays

LED MUPIs are highly effective for indoor and outdoor locations in high traffic areas...

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Flexible LED Mesh displays are ideal for building wraps, bridges, glass facades...

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Welcome to Elanza Media

Elanza Media™ is a boutique design digital media solutions provider. Our solutions provide a direct interactive connection between customers, advertisers, content partners and the general consumer population at large, ensuring the delivery of content, commerce and digital media management services. We adopt a consulting, not a vendor based methodology to our projects and with our clients.

Elanza Media™ provides custom built real time digital media solutions. Our solutions and our manufacturing base has been achieved as a result of an understanding with major world renowned OEMs for the development of Elanza Media™ solutions. Whether its indoor or outdoor solutions, our state-of-the-art digital display solutions offer an opportunity to present advertising content without many of the constraints imposed by conventional solutions. If you are thinking about digital and innovative solutions, then we are your solutions partner.

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Elanza Media™ USP's

  • It's the Brightest Idea in Outdoor Advertising!
  • High Traffic, High Visibility
  • Highly Advanced Technology
  • Messages Stay Fresh, Get Increased Notability
  • Run "Multiple-Part" Messages and Campaigns
  • Get up and Running in 24 Hours
  • It's Cost Effective
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