Content Management Services

Elanza Media™ provides its customers a variety of content management services for the LED display technologies. Such content can be animations for your commercial display, content in HD video, or something to fit with your branding strategy, Elanza Media™ has all the solutions.

Digital File Creation

Elanza Media™ team can assist in the creation of your digital files for upload onto the digital billboard, so that lead times and production costs are minimal. You can also provide us your existing billboard artwork, which can be easily be converted to Elanza Media™ digital format and uploaded onto the Elanza Media™ digital billboard with a 24 hour period. The digital format allows you to change your creative anytime you want, easily and inexpensively. For more information on digital artwork file preparation, email us at

Content Partners

Elanza Media™ also partners with other advertisers and media companies to deliver consumer-oriented information products and services.. Future strategic product offerings will also exploit this channel, enabling even greater opportunity to leverage its partner’s existing customer bases and infrastructure.

Elanza Media™ strategic allies in the content area can include:

  • Businesses, customers, individuals, non-profits, government
  • Advertising agencies
  • Media companies and similar digital media partners
  • Franchise Operations for digital billboards
  • National informational content, including news/weather/sports, etc.
  • Local news, weather and sports content; joint advertising