Digital Media Overview and Applications

The advertising landscape is changing rapidly. Static billboard technologies which lead to “billboard burnout” (seeing the same image again and again), are now giving way to digital billboards which offer far more creative content management and a wider reach for the audience.Elanza Media™ provides customers, advertisers and content partners a state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor digital media service using digital billboards that offers an opportunity to present advertising content without many of the constraints imposed by conventional static billboards. For the general public and consumers, Elanza Media™ provides an opportunity to view digital media content outdoors which is eye-catching, dynamic, appealing, educating, refreshing and easily viewable from a distance.

Elanza Media™ offers several types of digital LED based media technologies for indoor and outdoor deployments, namely:

TECHNOLOGY Brief Description Adantages Dis-Advantages Cost Impact
LED Mesh This is the most advanced technology in the market place today. Essentially it consists of an “array” of LEDs mounted in a net-like platform or a mesh. This solution will have maximum brightness.
  • Flexible and can be easily mounted on any surface(esp. curved surfaces and buildings)
  • Maximum brightness > 6000NITs. Ideal for direct sunlight conditions
  • Very High resolution
  • Extremely expensive
  • Long lead times as they are typically made to order
Very High
LED Curtain In this technology, LEDs are mounted in a transparent flexi-tube. The tubes are then arranged vertically in columns.
  • Relative High resolution with > 2800NITS
  • Easy to deploy
  • Since the pixel pitch is pretty high, the reolution may vary is direct sunlight conditions
LED Digital Billboard In this technolgy, the LEDs are arrayed on a solid cabinet. Resolution is dependent on size, pixel spacing and panel size aspect ratios.
  • Can be very cost effective
  • High to very High resolution possible
  • Widely accepted technology
  • Displays need cladding and hence mounted on a box
  • Heavy
  • Requires reguar maintenance
Medium to High

The creative content on our digital billboards can be changed at any time, and as many times as required by our clients. Each client can have up to 10 different creative content which can be rotated in loops on the Elanza Media™ digital billboard. The rotation of advertisements and content is rotational and programmed at intervals of every 5-6 seconds.