Elanza Media™ Franchise

Elanza Media™ is also seeking to create local franchisee relationships. Elanza Media™ will assist all franchisees with complete turnkey technology deployment and also assist in business plan definition and implementation for every applicant.

As a franchise operation, you can begin to realize the full potential of the digital billboard technology and generate tremendous revenue streams for your company.

If you are interested in a Franchise Operation, please contact us with complete details of your company as listed below:


    The Elanza Media™ digital billboards are the most advanced and state-of-the-art digital billboard technology on the market, designed to provide a combination of speed, ease of use, durability and multiple functionality. Because it is broadband-enabled and supports multiple rotating content, its penetration into the consumer “mind-set” will be extremely high. With plans to launch digital billboards for any demographic market and of any shape or size, Elanza Media™ has the capability to maintain pace with advancements in technology.

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    You can also email us to know more information.
    Email: info@elanzamedia.com