Digital Billboards

The digital billboards product suite consists of Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays. The focal point of the offer is the LED Screen displays that are internet based digital billboard technologies that can be situated comfortably in any outdoor or indoor environment. These displays can be conveniently located in high-traffic areas and be eye-catching to all types of consumers (techno-phobic) as well as techno-crazies. LED billboards provide rotational content at programmable intervals, and are an ideal platform for advertisers to provide value-added content, product information and education to their target consumers in the outside world.

Using digital billboards as a gateway device and advertising medium, services provided to consumers will include:

  • iconReal-time digital advertising and content on the most noticeable digital billboard in the market place.
  • iconAlmost 90% of drivers/passers-by will notice a digital billboard due to its eye-catching content displays.
  • iconExtremely positive attributes associated with digital billboards – especially compared to traditional static billboards (based on a poll conducted of drivers / passers-by)
  • Eye-catching (68%)
  • Different (57%)
  • Visible (63%)
  • Appealing (42%)
  • Involving (41%)
  • Image-changes frequently (67%)

Outdoor LED Displays

Elanza Media™ offers a line of products designed specifically for outdoor advertising, with world-class image quality and real-time advertising capabilities. The outdoor display products suite consists of the following:

LED Screen Display – with a pixel pitch range of 10mm to 64mm. These displays are ideal for unipoles, wall mounts or MUPIs.


Indoor Displays

Elanza Media™ offers several product lines for indoor advertising, with world-class image quality and real-time advertising capabilities. The indoor display products suite consists of the following:

Indoor LED Screen displays – with a pixel pitch ranging from 2mm to 10mm. Depending upon the installation arena and resolution requirements, these displays can be used in any indoor setting.

Super sized LCD & LFD displays These displays are typically range in size from 42″ to now 106″ in single size LCDs or upto as large as 10m x 50m in LFD formats (consisting of an array of multiple LCDs), and are used in bright indoor settings as advertising displays. With a shorter viewing distance and an extremely high resolution, these displays are ideal for wall mounts in high traffic areas such as airports, convention centers, hotel lobbies, malls and super markets, etc.