Investor Relations

Elanza Media™ is a privately held company. To inquire about investment opportunities or joint business ventures, contact Elanza Media™ Investor Relations at

A Media Company with a Difference

As a digital media company and technical contractor, Elanza Media™ provides state-of-the-art LED display products as well as custom-designed and integrated systems. The company uses a holistic consulting approach in working with its customers, partners and investors. We believe in the creation of strategic partnerships when we work with our clients and investors. We have several business models that we work with , whether it is outright purchases by our customers, a revenue share agreement or a JV between Elanza Media™ and our customers. Contact Elanza Media™ today to discuss your outdoor digital media requirements and you will see that we excel beyond our horizons with our recommendations and technologies for digital media.

We are not here to sell you technology – we are here to create a partnership and make the difference!

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