Elanza Media™ is a wholly owned subsidiary and trademark of Elanza Technologies Inc. (, and is the implementation arm of Elanza Technologies LED & Outdoor Media solutions.

Our management organization ultimately aims at leading us to success, protecting the interests of our investors and customers alike, while creating value for them and for all stakeholders. Our management philosophy and Corporate Governance seeks to balance entrepreneurship, control and transparency, while supporting the firm’s success by ensuring efficient and balanced decision making processes.


Elanza Media™ is a privately held company. To inquire about investment opportunities or joint business ventures, contact Elanza Media™ Investor Relations at

Digital Billboard Market Segments

  • icon Businesses that are seeking an alternative and far more superior digital advertising strategy and technology, in comparison to static boards
  • icon Businesses that are looking at increasing exposure of their products and services and get maximum value of their investment dollars on the same advertising medium
  • icon Businesses looking to connect with consumers faster, better and through relevant content in a timely manner

Executive Management

The Executive Management provides overall guidance and is managed by the CEO who is a member of the Board of Directors for the company. Our senior management team consists of the following personnel:

David Nancrede , Chairman

David Nancrede brings with him over 35 years of experience handling strategic positions in Business Operations, Marketing & Finance. He also has hands-on experience in Strategic Planning, Business Restructuring and advance analytics. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and has a key understanding of Structural Engineering detailing for Elanza Media™ solutions, with extensive consulting and engineering design experience, growth rejuvenation , restructuring, large-scale transformations and supply chain management.

He is a key decision maker for the evaluation of sustainment requirements for the company. He provides strategic insight towards supply chain strategy to better meet evolving customer and enhance the growth of the company to global and US manufacturing standards. He is a proud veteran and a key force behind the success of the company.

Tanvir Bukht, Chief Executive Officer

Tanvir Bukht brings with him over 25years of experience in Business Strategy, Management, Marketing & Finance. With a graduate Electrical Engineering degree and post-graduate MBA in International Management, he has been instrumental in introducing the concept of innovative digital media technologies for Elanza and its customers. He is the motivating force behind Elanza Media™ and its team and has been a part of the senior management team since the company’s inception and serves as a member of the board of directors.

His technical and fundamental outlook has provided impetus to Elanza Media’s strategic direction and his hands-on knowledge of the digital media market and technologies provides a guiding force for the success of the company. His background has been in management consultancy and has worked with the Big 5 consultancy firms in the past.

Chung Kwon Li, Chief Operating Officer

An Structural & Civil Engineer by qualification, Cbung serves as the Chief of Operations and leads all engineering and IT related activities, including planning and budgeting, to implementation and maintenance. He also has a background in consultancy and has worked previously in merger and acquisitions with a Big 5 consultancy firm. He brings over 20 years experience in business operations, structural engineering and serves as a key decision maker in the planning process for Elanza Media’s operations and implementation strategies.

Yakub Chaus, Chief Financial Officer

A CPA by qualification, Yakub Chaus is a key member of Elanza Media’s strategic decision-making process. He has handled several functions of the group like finance and operations, to name a few. He has rich experience in finance, investment banking, treasury, consultancy and advisory services. Yakub bring with him more than 15 years experience in the field of financial strategy and financial management.