Indoor Digital Signage – LCD Kiosks

Elanza Media™ Indoor LCD Digital Signage & Stand-Alone Kiosks are equipped with FHD resolution LCD Screens, with multiple interface support options – USB,HDMI, LAN, SD and Ear Jack, allowing multiple format playback features. Th Built-in Media player and CMS supports both local as well as Cloud Play , with a cloud based server providing remote control from any location thereby engaging and informing visitors to the Kiosk . All of our Indoor LCD Digital Signage & Stand-Alone Kiosks feature a commercial grade A+ screens from Samsung or LG with a system on a chip capable of displaying multi-zone media content with real-time information updates that can be managed remotely.

Implementation Scenarios


Technology: Technology:  Commercial Grade LCD Panels, FHD Resolution, Android 7.1 ++ or Windows 10, Built-in Media Player with 64/128 GB Memory.

Installation Mode:  Floor Mount (Multiple Design Options)

Application Areas: Indoor Environments – Shopping Malls, Educational Establishments, Auto Dealerships, Airports, Banks & Financial Institutions, Corporate Offices, Stations, Metro Platforms, Restaurants, Retail, and much more