Digital Billboard

The Elanza Media™ Digital Billboard technology is an extremely high-tech outdoor digital media gateway launched by Elanza Media™ in strategic locations in the markets we operate in, that meets the consumer’s desire for relevant information and services delivered with the ease and convenience of the internet. The digital billboard is eye-catching and has the capability to rotate advertisements and content on set frequencies.

The Digital Billboard : Future of Outdoor Advertising

The Elanza Media™ Digital Billboard is an electronically and internet controlled, outdoor or indoor LED display. Many compare its impact with a giant brilliant laptop or an HDTV screen the size of a semi-truck trailer. Outdoor Digital Billboards can be highly visible from as far away as 2,000 feet.. The digital billboards installed by Elanza Media™ is a high-speed, color digital-display unit that can be remotely controlled using the internet

What does this all mean ?

Digital billboards are revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry. Outdoor advertising companies will now able to schedule multiple clients per day, offer customized packages and sell more advertising space at one location with the Elanza Media™ digital billboards.

Outdoor advertising is closest to visual storytelling. Think Big, Bold, Simple and Uncluttered. The message will be concise and the customer’s logo will be its greatest potential – control mind-share! That’s what Elanza Media™ digital billboards will help customers achieve.


The Elanza Media™ digital billboards are the most advanced and state-of-the-art digital billboard technology on the market, designed to provide a combination of speed, ease of use, durability and multiple functionality. Because it is broadband-enabled and supports multiple rotating content, its penetration into the consumer “mind-set” will be extremely high. With plans to launch digital billboards for any demographic market and of any shape or size, Elanza Media™ has the capability to maintain pace with advancements in technology.


Elanza Media™ utilizes advanced outdoor digital media technology , specifically LED based digital billboards that offers an opportunity to present advertising content without many of the constraints imposed by conventional static billboards. For the general public and consumers, Elanza Media™ provides an opportunity to view digital media content outdoors which is eye-catching, dynamic, appealing, educating, refreshing and easily viewable from a distance. Some identifiable benefits of the digital billboard are as listed below: Read More