Introducing the Elanza OLED

Dual-Sided Tempered Glass FHD Series

This is an innovative display option in which OLED panels are fixed between two layers of tempered glass, one at the front and one at the back. As the surrounding structure is transparent, the display gives the impression that the signage is floating in the air and that the projection is coming directly from the glass pane.

Elanza Media™ Super Slim Line Dual Sided OLED Series provided the highest resolution available in the market place today.   The ELANZ OLED series displays are  fused within Tempered Glass and is a next generation, futuristic OLED technology available both in Portrait & Landscape Formats in 43”, 55” , 65” ,75” & 105” configuration options, with options for both Floor Stand series or Ceiling Suspension Mode.

What Is an OLED?

OLED  is  very similar to LED except that it uses organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to create the picture. The pixels themselves are able to create light, color and opacity, which allows manufacturers to do away with backlights. As a result, OLED screens are super-thin and flexible.. OLED screens can be controlled at the pixel level—even allowing individual pixels to be totally turned off—which creates even deeper blacks and more vivid, precise pictures.


Advantage of OLED

  • iconBetter Picture Quality—OLEDs beat out LEDs in terms of picture quality in a variety of categories. Since the pixels are able to turn off completely, OLEDs produce superior black levels and contrast, which results in a more vivid and lifelike picture.
  • iconFuture-Proof—No piece of technology is actually future-proof, of course, but if being on the cutting-edge is important to you, then you should go with an OLED.
  • iconSlimmer—OLEDs come in super-slim, super-sleek designs that make them perfect for mounting on the wall. They’re lighter and more flexible, which means they lend themselves well to custom applications and more contemporary mounting and displays.
  • iconFaster—With a refresh rate as low as 0.001ms—which, for reference, is roughly 1,000 times faster than your typical LED—there’s no comparison in terms of speed. That makes OLED the better choice..

Implementation Scenarios

Technology:  OLED Dual Sided Panels, FHD Resolution, Android 7.1 or Windows 10 ($150 Extra), Built-in Media Player with 64/128 GB Memory.Installation Mode:  Floor Mount, Ceiling Suspension, Wall Mount or Window Mount. (Multiple Design Options)

Application Areas: Auto Dealerships, Airports, Banks & Financial Institutions & High End Retail.