Media Technology Consulting

The focus of the company is to provide “outdoor digital media services” through innovative and state-of-the-art LED and Internet based technologies, coupled with related consulting services, strategy definition and comprehensive content management services for creating the digital effects on LED platforms

Digital Media Overview and Applications

Elanza Media™ provides outdoor digital billboard advertising products and services, and provides a direct interactive connection between the customers, advertisers and content partners, and the general consumer population, ensuring the delivery of content, commerce and outdoor digital media management services.

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For Ad Agencies and Advertising Companies

Increase your annual revenue and provide your clients with a more effective advertising medium. With Elanza Media™ solutions you can provide your clients with the ability to update their messages in real time. Advertising can be changed based on time of day.

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Building and Property Owners

Create additional revenue buy utilizing our digital media advertising solutions. If you own a parcel of land next to a highway or a building in the middle of a busy downtown, Elanza Media™ can help extract additional value from your location.

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For Companies seeking effective advertising

We can place your advertisement in our network of digital media screens. Elanza Media™ has the most advanced and flexible technology and solutions for outdoor digital billboard screens.

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