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ElanzaMedia™- Proud Samsung Ascend & Integration Partner
New XR & AR Reality LED Displays


Elanza Media™ is a boutique design digital media solutions provider. Our solutions provide a direct interactive connection between customers, advertisers, content partners and the general consumer population at large, ensuring the delivery of content, commerce and digital media management services. We adopt a consulting, not a vendor based methodology to our projects and with our clients.

Elanza Media™ provides custom built real time digital media solutions. Our solutions and our manufacturing base has been achieved as a result of an understanding with major world renowned OEMs for the development of Elanza Media™ solutions. Whether its indoor or outdoor solutions, our state-of-the-art digital display solutions offer an opportunity to present advertising content without many of the constraints imposed by conventional solutions. If you are thinking about digital and innovative solutions, then we are your solutions partner.

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What We Do ?

We implement INNOVATIVE and next generation digital media solutions and concepts, providing leading edge digital transformation and augmented reality visual display technologies that are eye-catching and visually dynamic. Our XR Reality & 3D visual technologies will mesmerize your audience like never before.

Our Services

Elanza Media™ provides a holistic consulting approach to its customers for the full turnkey implementation of LED technologies, which will include ™ procurement, installation, operations and maintenance.

Project Management Services

Be it a project of any size, as a leading provider of digital media technologies and services, we have the ability to effectively manage any size of projects

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Content Management Services

Elanza Media™ provides its customers a variety of content management services for the LED display technologies. Such content can be animations for your commercial display,

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Customer Support Services

Elanza Media™ provides comprehensive customer support for all its technology deployments. Such support includes:

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Media Technology Consulting

Elanza Media™ LED displays are custom designed and OEM manufactured in a modular fashion to provide greater design flexibility, greater reliability.

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Our Solutions

The focus of the company is to provide “outdoor digital media services” through innovative and state-of-the-art LED and Internet based technologies, coupled with related consulting services, strategy definition and comprehensive content management services for creating the digital effects on LED platforms

The advertising landscape is changing rapidly. Static billboard technologies which lead to "billboard burnout" (seeing the same image again and again), are now giving way to digital billboards which offer far more creative content management and a wider reach for the audience.

Elanza Media™ provides customers, advertisers and content partners a state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor digital media service using digital billboards that offers an opportunity to present advertising content without many of the constraints imposed by conventional static billboards. For the general public and consumers, Elanza Media™ provides an opportunity to view digital media content outdoors which is eye-catching, dynamic, appealing, educating, refreshing and easily viewable from a distance.

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Increase your annual revenue and provide your clients with a more effective advertising medium. With Elanza Media™ solutions you can provide your clients with the ability to update their messages in real time. Advertising can be changed based on time of day, day of the month, amount of traffic, etc.

We have several billboard based technologies on offer with different resolutions and capabilities. The table below is indicative of the digital billboard technologies readily available for deployment by Elanza Media™.

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Create additional revenue by utilizing our digital media advertising solutions. If you own a parcel of land next to a highway or a building in the middle of a busy downtown, Elanza Media™ can help extract additional value from your location.

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We can place your advertisement in our network of digital media screens. Elanza Media™ has the most advanced and flexible technology and solutions for outdoor digital billboard screens.

We customize solutions for all our clients and whatever the type of surface and architecture of the building, be sure that Elanza Media™ will have a solution for your requirements. Our solutions range from 4mm LED displays to 40mm LED displays.

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Interested in an Elanza Media™ outdoor digital media solution? We have a single window approach for all our markets. Write to us directly at and a Elanza Media™ representative will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. For all US and Canada enquires please contact us directly at the US office.


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